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bird by bird

i should have been a plumber

I have always been writing this book. I will always be writing this book. This endless writing will never end. Hence the word "endless." Put words in row. Add punctuation. Wonder when world will realize you are an idiot. Realize that world has already caught on and is humoring you, which is appreciated. Put more words in row. Become certain you will never hit word count, because this was a stupid, one-note idea. Make mental note to stop starting sentences with, "wouldn't it be cool if..." You will be writing this book forever. Wonder what made you think this whole writer career boondoggle was a good idea. Also wonder about sanity of editor. Also wonder if editor will still have job in two weeks, given how industry is cratering. If editor doesn't have job, can stop writing? Realize that this is a sad commentary on selfishness and silver linings. Put words in row. Delete words in row. Put new words in row. Delete words in row. Sigh heavily. Wonder if local construction company needs ditch digger. Ditches are very straightforward. Remember how much you hate mud and physical labor. Wonder if you'd make a good coder. Computer code seems straightforward. And no mud. Will risk eyestrain. Put words in row. I have always been writing this book. I will always be writing this book. Add punctuation.


I'm not humoring you. You can do it!

Park on the downhill slope.

How very "Waiting for Godot."

Listen here, missy, your fan base out here has faith in you.

It goes like this: You write. We read. We like it. We even like when you write about your doubts. No humoring involved!

Rally Caps!!!

Um .... hug?

Don't get all Overlook Hotel on us, now.

Hang in there. Tomorrow will probably be better, or if not, maybe the next day. You will finish, you will finish.

Check poster wisdom - "Keep Calm and Carry On" It worked for a whole country.

You're doing fine. Ignore the song of the doubtworms. Remember: people have paid cash money to read what you wrote in the past! That's amazing! That practically never happens! But it has, and it will again.
Keep plugging along.


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