one down + easy garter stitch squares
too good to pass up

many things make a post

* Given my uncanny ability to put plants in exactly the wrong places, this might be $60 well spent. 

* Rabbit hole alert: Buddha Jello molds, Moose trophy hangers and Pop-Up Book of Light.

* It's probably not a good sign that this made me laugh harder than I have in days: Mouse au Vin.

* "It's like a wind. A real, molesty wind."

* Stephanie finally puts in print one of my fave stories about boys and their penises. (Starts with he sentence: "I have always been offended by calling parts "weenies" and "down there" and so I have always used the technical language." The whole post is a hoot, tho.)

* Alabama is like Iran; Maine is like Canada.

* Katie Granju points out a book I'm going to have to read about America's obsession with virgins.

* Once again, Dr. P lays some wisdom on you.

* Scalzi makes with the ranty goodness w/r/t the GOP and their choices.

* Kamut with Cranberries and Feta. Yum. But before I commit to making this in my own kitchen, I need to track down a local source of pomegranate molasses and agave nectar. Hrm. And, it dawns on me, kamut.

* I would also like some japchae.

* Finally, not food related at all: ABC and the producers of Private Practice need some schoolin' on the difference between post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis.


Come to Philly; I know where they make japchae.

I've always been a fan of that story too.

OMG. Must have the Buddha jello molds.

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