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can we call this 10,000 words?

many things make a post

* Even though they are spoilerific, I prefer these Harry Potter covers. I have always been a huge Saul Bass fan, tho.

* Do not eat the cuteness.

* I never realize how much I miss migas until someone who loves them as much as I do brings them up. Then I feel an actual, physical ache. And I agree. Trudy's are the best. (Although the recipe that she links to, while I'm sure it would make a lovely breakfast, isn't migas. ( I did just discover that a restaurant in the Bing has migas on the menu and a Texas connection. Maybe they are the answer? Road trip, anyone?)

* Jim Macdonald makes the vaccine debate as clear as humanly possible. And, yet, I have no doubts that this will do exactly zero to convince those whose minds are already made up. Still, it might catch those who are on the fence.

* I missed this when it was first posted: Kim Brooks on taking SSRIs while pregnant. (And I have to again say here that taking Zoloft while carrying The Boy was one of the better decisions I've made.)

* Yet another reason to *heart* Chris Thile.

* ETA: This book will be going on my wish list presently. Once I read it, I'll save it for the Diva. (Boys might want to go watch hockey or something.)


I can totally relate to your comment about well as the ache experienced when realizing that they are miles from my home. I used to live just blocks away from Tamale House in Austin and their migas are to die for!! Just hours after I gave birth to my daughter, my mother-in-law brought home migas from Tamale house and it was quite possibly the best thing that I have ever consumed! I will be in Austin in a few weeks and will have to check out Trudy's version..

Tamale House! Man, I love that place. And I can think of no meal that could be better after you've given birth.

Trudy's version is good, mind, especially with one of their 'ritas. But Tamale House just has a little something extra special, too.

Now I really want migas.

Harry Potter covers - remind me of 1930ish European advertising posters. I'll bring the book with me, if I remember.

Forgot to post this the other day: How is TFS balancing on Trout's tail? Crouching Trout Hidden TFS?

I think they should use those covers for we grown ups who are Potter addicted.

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