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* This is sure to irritate lots of people but Slate's Explainer thinks that sharing a bed with an infant is a bad idea.

* Burn Notice's Fiona is a feminist hero for a postfeminist age.

* Tina Brown explains why it's so hard for me to explain to strangers what I do for a living. I do need to point out, tho, that I enjoy "Gigonomics" and would rather not have a 9-5 job.

* This is mostly for the Featureless Saint, who doesn't understand the relationship I have with my computer.

* Will someone come over and eat Brussels Sprouts with me? No one who lives in this house will touch them -- but I lurves 'em. And, really, 2 lbs of sprouts is far too much for one person to eat in a reasonable amount of time, no matter how much that person loves them.

* Someone stumbled onto my blog with the search string "martini made with ranch dressing." To which I say, ew.

* James Norton at tastes "Thanksgiving in a jar" so that you (and your baby) don't have to. (Also, I always visit on Mondays to get Norton's columns/videos. Love him.)

* Two timely stories from the NYT's Health section: Why you should never blow your nose;  Dr.  Perri Klass, a pediatrician who is also a working mom, weighs in on sending a marginally sick kid to school.

* These are the sorts of thank you notes that I'm going to start writing. Consider this fair warning.


I would eat your sprouts, sure! My favorite is with bacon, cranberries, and orange zest. Never made two pounds though...I would half that recipie.

Ooo. I love sprouts. Alas, I can't get away right now.

Mmmm, Brussel sprouts....Have you tried roasting them with olive oil/salt/bits of your favourite pork product (bacon, pancetta, anything with lots of good porcine fat) to entice the other adult member of your household into eating them?
My husband used to be a confirmed meatitarian (and I used to draw the line at Brussel sprouts myself), but since we've discovered roasting broccoli/cauliflower/brussel sprouts, they've become dinnertime staples here at Wits End and I have to fight him for them.

I'd offer to come over and help you devour them, but I'm several hours drive away (just south of Ottawa ON, to answer a question you asked a couple of posts ago).

I'm with Ellen on the roasting; love my brussels done this way. Now if I start watching Burn Notice, am I going to be thrust back into my dissertation and the delusion that I should take gigs at the local colleges? (Is is gigonomics that will finally change the university system?)

Roasting is good. I'd like to make those two NYT recipes and have a taste off. One is citrusy, the other is porky. Both look yummy.

The husband, while he has become a much more adventurous eater than he once was, will not get near Brussels Sprout, no matter how much pork I cook 'em with or how roasted they are. He has other great qualities, mind.

I dunno if Burn Notice would send you back to your diss but it would entertain you for an hour. So there's that.

Nothing will change the university system. Seriously.

I don't generally go for the sprouts, but Bec has a fantastic recipe with shallots. It's linked to on this post.


Speaking of ew, if you google "martini made with pork," your site doesn't come up until the second page, but #1 is by one of my evil genius friends from college, and #2 is another evil genius college buddy's homage to #1. I saw both weirdos in NYC this summer.

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