many things make a post
a picture that lies

too good to pass up

All credit to Stephen Crowley of the New York Times for getting this shot:

This really is the first 1000 words on the last administration. Put a lollipop in Cheney's hand and you can easily see him luring children into his van.

Click here to see the picture in full and read the story. But, seriously, this shot needs to be on the first book that is able to figure out what the hell happened during the last 8 years.


I have no idea if this IS Adrienne martini or if this is someone who just really LIKES A.M. - I just put the name in google...ha ha - but seeing links from Babble makes me feel better. I just "happened" across this book at my library and thought "doesn't someone named AM write for Babble?"

anywho - if this IS you - I am 3/4s through your book and love it. It's hit really close to home for me - my daughter's name is Madeline as well and being from Indianapolis I am familiar with Manning worship. I too had PPD and sturggled through it for a while before getting some help in the form of Zoloft from my dr. Your book was so honest, not to mention delightful to read, that it was such a shot int he arm for me. Can't wait to finish it!

I loved Wonkette's summary of this incident:

"We’ll take any opportunity to use this TIME photo again, which shows Cheney and his lesser henchmen at the funeral of Don Corleone."


Erin -- I just sent you some email. Yup, the Babble AM and this blog's AM are both the same person, which is, um, me.

Dave* -- Love Wonkette.

Thank you so much for making me laugh about something that isn't funny! You made my day!

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