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How We're Spending Our First Spring Break*, By Adrienne, Age 37:


The handy husband is freaking out Trout by tearing our upstairs bathroom to bits (and, we all hope, putting it back together again in a more pleasing manner) so that we can put our current house on the market.**  His smile in the picture is purely accidental. He'd much rather be golfing.

I'll be weaving ends, because the knitting on The Sweater, she is done.

Oh, and then there's this little thing:


Which needs another 15,000-20,000 words before I have to send it off a week from today. Totally do-able - just all-consuming. I say that now, of course. Ask me again on Sunday night.


* SUCO has two week-long breaks during the Spring semester. This is the first. Why are there two? Yeah, I don't know either but have heard rumors that it has something to do with saving money on heat.

** We appear to have already bought another house, which makes selling this one that much more urgent. It's a long story and I'll give you all of the grit when I have more of my brain available to me. So, like, when Maddy starts college.


How I Spent My February Vacation*, By Sarah (age 38)

Driving through a freaking mess of snow on Rt 88 in Oneonta! What is up with your town? I often make the trek from Boston to Ithaca (the family thing). And as a rule anytime I make that drive between Oct 1 and April 30, there will be snow of some kind falling in Oneonta. Do you plan this? Is it out of spite?

*Yes, I am the only person in MA who decided to spent the public school Feb vacation in Chicago for 4 days before driving to Ithaca for 4 days. I do believe I need my head examined. Can any body say Key West in 2010?

BWA-HA-HA! It's all part of our evil plan! And now that you've found out, we'll have to make you one of us. One of us. One of us.

FWIW - we didn't have any measureable snow for a whole two weeks at the beginning of the month. We were all very surprised.

It used to always rain buckets (like, Biblical amounts of rain) when I'd drive from Austin to Georgetown. I still think there was a nefarious reason for that.

Key West in 2010. I'm there.

Congrats and good luck on the moving house and selling and so forth! Looking forward to the details. :)

Given the foot of snow which was dumped upon us on Saturday, I'm all for Key West 2010.

CONGRATS on finishing the sweater. That is huge. All of your projects are huge right now.

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