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actual knitting content, two skeins of Noro sock

What do you do when you fall in love with a sock yarn but really aren't in the mood to knit socks? You make a stole.


This was my carry-along project during most of the winter. It's been done for a few weeks but I had to wait for a decent day to block it. And by decent, I mean above freezing. Don't let the sunshine fool you.


The inspiration came from Knit Drink Tink via ravelry. I only made one real mod, which was to add beads.


The wrap wanted some weight at the ends and beads seemed like a better choice than barbells.

The full length shot:


To be honest, I don't know what I'm going to do with this, simply because I knit it just to knit it. I am not a big wearer-of-shawls. Still. It's pretty, if I do say so myself. Which I do.



It's gorgeous! If you don't want to wear it, just wrap the Diva in it. ;)

It is lovely!

The wrap is long enough that I could wrap the Diva several times over. It's not pink enough for her, however.

Thanks for the praise. In the first photo, it looks like there's some weird hole about halfway down. There isn't on the actual wrap, tho.

It's gorgeous. If you don't know what to do with it ... email my husband and offer him a price. My birthday's coming up in a few weeks. ;)

Dang, you's a knittin' machine! Gorgious!

Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous!!!

I learned to knit but found it more stressful than relaxing. I may try it again one day. I planned to learn to crochet, but the dear lady who was going to teach me died last month. Seriously. 46 years old and healthy. Massive heart attack and she was gone in a flash. I have not decided whether or not to take this as a sign that God does not want me involved in the fiber arts. ;)

How many skeins of sock yarn did you use??? B'c that is GORGEOUS!!

its gorgeous! Maybe a table runner?

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