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* While I do think Catherine Price's essay at Slate about a surfeit of turnips and kiwi,** the bit that really gets me is the concept of a CSA delivering produce all year round. The mind boggles that there are places where things grow during March. It is like Oz.

* I have two beloved gray wool sweaters. One is dying a death of a thousand snags and will require a handmade replacement. The other simply has worn through at the left elbow, which I could patch somehow. I'm thinking about felting. There's not enough of the elbow left to felt it back together a la this tutorial but I could make some felt, maybe, and felt it in? Thoughts? Or would a picture help?

* Ann Bauer's essay on her son's autism leaves me at a loss for the right words. All that comes to mind is "wow." The truth is always more difficult, yes, but necessary.

* With apologies to my husband, it's hard to take golf seriously as a sport when guys who look like this can do well.

* Sometimes we all need to true our wheels.

* These two tattoos (1, 2) remind me that I should reread To Kill a Mockingbird. I don't think I knew enough to appreciate it when I was forced to read it in high school.

* Darn you Purl for posting projects I want to make. This week's is the Sunny Tied Quilt.


** I can no longer eat kiwi, btw, because I once read a passage that compared them to hairy testicles. Makes it hard to jam a spoon in there.


I'm sorry, but you needed to read something to compare kiwis to hairy testicles? We all weren't just born with that knowledge?

My vote for the elbow patch is to try some kind of needle felting, maybe.

I agree with the needle felting. Maybe take 2 pieces of felt and needles felt them thru the sweater?

Yes, but the best golfer looks like this:*:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7SUNA_en%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1

Craft Magazine's blog has been doing mending tutorials for the entire month of March, they had several options for sweaters that you should check out.

Anna - It would appear that I am a slow learner.

I'm thinking that felting is the answer. Well, if not the answer, certainly an answer. Now I need to figure out a good source for roving and needles. Hrm.

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