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The Hub has finished the rehab on the upstairs bathroom.






He does fine work.

I finished another beaded bracelet, which I started not because I wanted a beaded bracelet (it'll end up as a b-day gift) but because I wanted a knitting snack after the five-course meal of Mary Tudor:


In full:


Barney, however, did not fulfill his continual goal of snacking on Maddy's fish.


Maybe next weekend.


That looks AWESOME! WTG, Scott.

Also, that bracelet is GORGEOUS. When did you learn to do that???

Wow! What an improvement on the bathroom!

Based on first hand knowledge - well done, excellent!

Are you sure that Barney's intentions are evil? Perhaps he is just trying to warm? No, I don't believe it either.

I should have paid attention when my mother told me to marry someone handy. It looks like another $10K! (I've been watching too many home improvement shows.)

The bracelet is really just knitting. You string the beads first, then move them into place with each stitch on the wrong side row. It's harder to explain than to do.

Thanks for the kudos on the b'room. Scott did an awesome job. 10K would be nice but we'd be happy with just a timely sale.

And, Dad, never give Barney the benefit of doubt. What I haven't managed to capture in a picture of him trying to get the lid open so that he can get his paws in there.

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