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shameless self-promotion, 308 and 309 in a series

* Earlier this week, I had the honor of talking about Mary Tudor to Brenda Dayne, the most excellent host of the podcast Cast-On. It was a hoot, which seems to come across in the interview. Give it a listen, should you be in the right frame of mind to think about magnum opuses (um, opi?).

* From the local almost-daily: proof that my children are well-behaved, just not with me.

In other news, we appear to have sold our house. I'm a little surprised, too.


My kids are angels at church and school. Why not for me?

Wow, great news on the house! And I was just about to download cast on--looking forward to hearing you.

Yay for houseselling!

Because the kids know that you won't leave them for the wolves. It's that double-edged parenting sword, eh?

The houseselling is a kick in the head, really. As long as the inspection, which will be done tomorrow, comes back OK, we're good to go.

Hey, congratulations on the house selling! And the self-promotional activities, too.

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