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qotd, dfw edition

so about the house

I fear I've built the story up too much. However, we press on.

The house that we are currently in, while lovely (and growing even lovelier by the day as we get ready to put it on the market), is too small. Which is a very First World problem to have -- but there it is.

Once Cory arrived, our talks about moving grew more serious. And, last fall, we decided that summer 2009** would be the ripe time.

We started looking for a new place before officially listing this one. The reason for this is now lost in the recesses of my brain. Still, we fell in love with the third house we looked at*, made an offer, which was accepted. Now we're in the wrangling-details-with-the-sellers stage, which may drive us both around the bend. Should it all work out to everyone's satisfaction, we'll close at the end of May.

The loose plan is that we'll move shortly after closing. A lot of the timing will depend on selling the house we're in. ***

So if you know anyone who wants a cute, mostly renovated 3 bedroom in Oneonta that would be perfect for a young couple or empty nesters, send 'em along. I'll post a link to a Realtor site when there is one.


* I've waffled on posting a link but went ahead and did it anyway. It's not like I'm hard to find now.

** Yeah, we have awesome timing, what with the economic armageddon and all. Ah, well.

*** It was a shocker to both of us that several banks were willing to lend us money without making it contingent on selling our current house first. I'm stunned as well. Isn't that part of what got them in trouble in the first place? I'm not going to point that out until later.


I love your new house! So many fabulous details. I hope you'll find a buyer soon. Start watching those HGTV and DIY shows on prepping the house. It's all in the staging.

The new house has pocket doors. Have I confessed my love of pocket doors? If not, let me do so now. Love. them.

It is all in the staging. That was one of the things that really turned us off in the first two houses we saw. (There were other things, of course.) The places had just barely been picked up, much less cleaned. One place, rather than clean, just lit a bazillion candles, which just gave me a headache and made me wonder what they weer covering up.

I am SO JEALOUS of your new house. It looks perfect. I think home remodeling projects really really suck btw. :)

PS I just showed this to my husband and told him that is the house I want someday (minus the burgandy dining room paint but paint can be changed!!).

The burgundy room isn't as deep as it looks in the photo, btw. I like it, anyway.

You're welcome to stop in should you find yourself in the area.

I don't know when it happened as I used to be Ms. Earthtones Only but I have become this kind of crazy pastel/bright cheery color person as I age. It is probably pretty scary to friends/family.

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