why I read the classified ads
qotd, word, sister carrie. W-O-R-D.

two, maybe three, updates

1) Sweater Quest, the book about knitting Mary Tudor, will be published in March 2010. I'd hoped for October of this year but the machinery will not bend to my will. Such is life. This does, however, give me more time to plot a yarn shop crawl around the month of its release. Any suggestions?

2) The rooster ad (see below) was not in yesterday's paper, which makes one wonder if he is now soup. Will update, as needed.

3) Go look at what Lisa's doing with her monkeys. I am amazed.


come to Philly. We have good food. Pick anyn one of the 3-4 knitting stores. I would be happy to host you!!

I'm in Philly now too.

Wait. What? Why are you in Philly, matthew? For good?

And I'll put Philly on the list...

Hhmmm, March? Great birthday present; nunge, nunge, wink, wink.

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