it may never be spring
qotd, mostly for my Dad

actual knitting content, reuse and mend

Before the actual knitting content, this picture of me taken by the Boy last night.


Amazing how using the macro setting in a non-macro situation can capture my j'ne se-quo, no? That kid has a future in photography.

Anyhoo. This is the hole in the elbow of my beloved gray sweater and a ball of Koigu sock yarn in a colorway I've long loved.


The Koigu won't felt, which scuppers my plan to knit an extra large patch that I'd felt down and cut to fit. I'm pondering picking up around the edges of the hole and knitting to fit.



While I was outside snapping pictures of my sweater draped artfully across the deck (this is perfectly normal, btw), Barney decided to come have a bask, too.


We will enjoy this sun while it lasts. Tomorrow we'll be back to the cold wet.


What if you made two big oval elbow patches in a contrasting color to the grey and then used a blanket stitch to attach them to the sweater? Would that work with the sweater style? You could swap out the buttons, too.

I want to squish that cat! He's so cute.

I'd be careful with the cat squishing. When we got Barney, he was semi-feral and spent most of his eight months fending for himself in a barn. While he's pretty good (now) with not scratching the crap out of me, I make no promises on what would happen if you made a move for his belly, no matter how tempting it looks. And it looks really tempting.

On the elbows - a plan is currently in my washer, felting itself.

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