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It is perfectly normal to spend your morning arranging a 3/4s knitted sweater on a picturesque tree stump in your backyard, right? How about when it's already 70 degrees at 9 a.m.?


I just attached the sleeves* and am about four rows into the yoke. A quick knit, I must say so myself. Which I probably shouldn't have said because it will now go horribly wrong.

I also made yogurt on Saturday.


I used this story from the City Paper as a jumping off point (and their picture is much better than mine.) Fankhauser's Cheese Page is a great resource. I mostly used his recipe but cut it in half. I also called Doula K's husband (also a K, an economist, hereby known as "Dismal K," unless he informs me otherwise.) Plus, I've been gleaning various yogurty tidbits from various bloggers. So I went in with some idea, one just slightly more baked than usual.

The result is good -- I'd like a bit more tang and will work on that because there are sure to be more batches in my future. The texture is runnier than the commercial stuff but not in a displeasing way. I've been eating it with a dollop or three of local Grade A Dark Amber maple syrup. When the season permits, I'll move on to apple butter, fruit, etc.

In other news, the weather went from 37 (3 C) on Thursday to 88 (31 C) on Saturday. Which is enough to make one's head spin (and sweat, natch) because it was such a rapid shift. Upstaters don't do well with 88 degrees anyway -- but do even less well when its in April and we haven't even put our wool sweaters away yet. The trees haven't leafed out yet either, which means there's almost no shade. It'll shift again, I know. But today should be in the 90s. Woo.

Barney, however, is taking advantage.


Just out of frame is a squirrel that is about to hand Barney's ass to him. Like most teenagers, our cat B is all talk with little effective action.

* one of which I had to do a couple of times because I am not spacial. Special, yes. Spacial, no.


Our weather was similarly toasty and it's just too warm. I'm just not ready for air conditioning. Also, it triggered a great bloom of tree pollen. What I wouldn't do for a Clairitin. And I had to break down and buy a few maternity bottoms. Woot.

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