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it may never be spring

This is a fallow time.  I just finished a big, huge project, which will eventually come back to me with the editor's letter and notes. I don't have any great ideas for the next big, huge project. There are little writing projects that I'm fussing at, sure, but the bulk of my writing brain is resting.

Which is good. It needed the rest. But it just feels wrong to not be working-working. Yes, there are classes to teach and kids to chase. Rest is good, so that you have energy for the next onslaught.


The Featureless Saint pointed out that I had nothing writing-like planned for the summer. "You know you don't do well with down time, right?" he said.

My initial response was to fire back with, "You don't, either, buddy." Instead I said, "you're right."

Which might be proof that I'm slowly becoming a grown-up.

I have ideas, sure, but none that I'm willing to commit to quite yet. Waiting is, as RAH said.

I am, however, getting antsy.

But what this time is giving me is the opportunity to get some hands-on projects done. Like these two cross stitch pieces that just came back from the framer.


This was the only picture that I managed to take outside. While the thermometer claims its a balmy 44 degrees, there is a wicked-ass wind that cut through my coat. Ah, spring.

I'm debating about whether or not I should go ahead and hang these or wait until we move. My fear is that if I don't hang them, one of the small people of felines will wreck havoc no matter where I store them.


I now have Just Nan's Winter (top) to hang next to Fall (bottom, in case the pumpkins didn't give it away). I've started the stitching on Spring. Hopefully the season itself will get here before I finish the project.


Love your framed pieces. What is the top piece?

It's "Quaker Diamond" from Hillside Samplings. I saw a shop model in the needlework shop by my mother-in-law's in Rochester and had to have it.

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