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* Two book industry related links: why publishers should buy each book reviewer a Kindle and why writers shouldn't pay attention to publishing trends.

* Further proof that Appalachia isn't conducive to robust mental health. I do wish there was a map to go with this, however. (A day after I added this, Gwenda found a version of the story with a map. Oh, internets. How I love you.)

* My country makes me so sad sometimes. Also.

* Why am I suddenly so taken with the idea of making yogurt? I don't even like yogurt that much. Weird.

* Mythbusters' Kari Byron is pregnant (mazel tov!) and has put together a top ten list of the unique hazards she faces in her job now that she is knocked up.

* Better Off Ted is my new favorite show -- seriously, the episode about the water fountains is pure comic gold -- and its ratings are mediocre at best. Which is just further proof that I should stop watching TV, because if I like a show it is dooooooomed.

* Knitted Peeps! How did I miss these?

* Also knitting: even though I am not a fan of super bulky yarns, I want to make a knitted quilt from Blue Sky Alpaca. The price of the kit made me choke on my coffee, however. Now researching other options.

* I'm already a big Sarah Haskins fan but she didn't  beat around the bush with this one. NSFW, if your workplace doesn't approve of laughing fits and suggestive one-liners that involve alpaca. And if they don't approve of those things, why do you work there?


Kari and I have something in common. I "Constanzaed" under my desk today at lunch.

here's the recipe that really made me want to do it:

You don't have to mess with it, nor buy an expensive machine (provided you already have a slow cooker). That's the kind of cooking I like.

Weekly yogurt, like sour dough, did for years when #1 was young. Would love to get back to it in the fall, maybe for a 4 year high school (yikes!) run. Assume I'll be grounded a bit more during that time, which both seem to need for regular success.

Thanks for the mental health map--will be using it in my class tomorrow!

Hope the Diva got home safely.

Slate just had an article about making staples and the verdict on yogurt is that the stuff you make is much better and much cheaper.

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