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qotd, eat the rich edition

qotd, bujold bonus

Years ago I read an interview with a forensic pathologist who said he had never gone into a bad crime scene, where he had to clean the blood off the walls and whatnot, in any place where there were a lot of books.

-- Lois McMaster Bujold, The Vorkosigan Companion

Given that it has been the sort of day where time keeps getting away from me -- you know, where you look up and wonder how it can be 1 p.m. already and you've not really gotten anything accomplished even though you've been in constant motion -- you get an extra Bujold quote. Which is a good thing, imo.

On the yogurt thing, however -- Trish sent a link to this Slate piece about making your own staples from scratch. So now, not only am I totally making yogurt this weekend, I will also be forced to make bagels. Thanks, Trish. Thanks a lot.


Hey. No problem. That's what I'm here for. ;-)

I'll let my sister know about the books. She has quite a few (though not nearly as many as we do). Her greatest fear is being cut up into 1" pieces.

And bagels aren't terribly hard to make. I've done it. They came out looking mangled but I served them at Easter brunch one year and several people (including NYers) told me they were the best they had ever had. I think mangled adds flavor. ;)

Glad to know my household is well-defended against violent crime. Though there would be no walls to clean blood from per se -- most wall surfaces in my house are obscured by bookshelves, or piles of books

I think I'm going to have to try making bagels. I made marshmallows once, in a fit of Martha-ness. Wouldn't bother with that again.

We are well defended from violent crime as well. The larger threat a book avalanche that crushes someone.

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