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what I did on Sunday

First - two kid-related things:

-- The Diva made it home safely, if exhausted and (I swear) a foot taller. She also desperately needs a haircut. The trip was a blast, it appears. Re-entry has had its challenges -- like, what do you mean I can't stay up until 10 p.m.? -- but we are inching back to normality. Whatever that means.

-- The Dude, for reasons known only to him, decided to strip off all of his clothes this morning and watch Spongebob au naturale. Why? I don't want to even speculate. I'm just glad he didn't pee on the couch.

So, on Sunday, the TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) held a Stitch 'n' Pitch Day at the Baseball Hall of Fame, just up the road from me in Cooperstown.


The idea behind this event was to teach willing baseball lovers either how to crochet or needlepoint. Simple projects were on hand. Lots of kids were thrilled to give it a whirl. Most of them had a moment where their hands suddenly got it, which was great to see. One of the kids I taught, a 3rd grader, didn't want to stop needlepointing her bookmark and had to be bribed with the promise that she could have it back in the car during the ride home.

Some adults gave needlework a whirl as well. Dads seemed to stick with needlepoint; I suspect there's a Rosey Greer thing going on.


Libby and Barbara -- the TNNA folk who could not have been more pleasant and organized -- hope to make this an annual event. I'll be there.


For my parents' 25th wedding anniversary, my dad learned to needlepoint, designed a pattern (with help from some of mom's friends), and finished it unbeknownst to her. His work required quite a bit of travel, so he spent many trans-Atlantic hours needlepointing away ... which led to some interesting conversations with his seat companions!

Mom was floored when he gave it to her.

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