before the knitting

i can see!

Quickly, because I need to walk down and fetch The Diva and am running late --

Thanks to Knitty Amy, who posted about Glassy Eyes and Zenni Optical, I got new, cheap glasses. They were $22 and are perfect for wearing when I'm not wearing my contacts.


This is a lousy picture -- but one can't talk about one's glasses without showing them. And here they are.

Oh - and they are actually a dark blue, rather than black. Like I said, lousy picture, and not just because I look both dazed and confused.

Actually, the more I stare at it, the severe curvature of my lenses make it look like someone did a really poor job of cutting out someone else's eyeballs, then photoshopped them onto my face just a few sizes too small.

And what the heck happened to my mouth and why is my nose so very bulbous?

I should go find something else to do. Like get my kid.

Right. Off to do that.


Yay! Glad to hear it went well! That's three good Zenni experiences in a row, which is nice to know. I just wish they'd get in better frames for progressive wearers (that'd be me).

I like the glasses. Very nice!!

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