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* Rochester, NY, is cooler than you thought, at least if you have celiac disease.

* The very idea of this musical pairing made my head implode. I'm totally going to track down that song, at the very least.

* From the Hub: The risks of pills and pregnancy.

* Get a pedicure; save the economy.

* I'm with Daniel Gross. I've never seen the point of a second home either. But, then, we already live pretty much away from it all.

* Helicopter parenting may be dying. Slack is the new trend. Because you should follow the trends when raising your children.

* "It’s always twilight, it seems, when it comes to American food."

* Despite Clara P.'s love of the book, I've been holding off on buying Ratio. But the very idea of Green Tea Sponge Cake might be what puts me over the edge.

* A mantra that isn't so much new but still worthwhile.

* Natania Barron's list of ten things she'd like to see more in fantasy fiction. Can I get an amen?

* Sometimes you find truth in a reality show. This time, it's from RuPaul, who I love more and more each year. Click here and start at about 5:15.


ya know what I loved RuPaul's show. And I loved that segment the very best. I had friends come over to watch and they had no earthly idea why I kept watching. They thought it was weird, or silly, or not serious enough.. or even too serious.. but that segment.. that was the feeling I got from the every episode (OK except for the moments I hated a contestant or 2) And I loved it. ANd I really really hope they do another.

How sick and tired are moms of hearing about the best way to parent? Will somebody every stand up and say that the right way to parent is the way that works best for your family? Experts be damned, do what feels right for you and your kids. Well, except beat the crap out of your kid physically or mentally, but I don't think we need an expert to know that.

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