and now he is 4.
qotd, parenting edition

actual knitting content, Diva hat

I finished my sekrit knitting project last week. I celebration, I cast on for a new hat for Maddy. A few days later, I had this:


Please ignore the stain on her shirt. I'm not sure what that is. Oh, and that other front tooth fell out hours after this. She handed it to me in the bathroom at McDonald's. I'm just glad it was hers.


Knitted from Classic Elite Lush, which is a 50/50 blend of wool and angora, in "Princess Pink." The pattern is this one. I used the adult pattern specs but a worsted weight yarn. My first try was too small. Adding four extra stitches between the earflaps in both the front and back did the trick.

Annnnnd, because I can't resist, another sekrit project picture:


Any guesses now?


you knit a Mondrian painting? No wonder you are so pleased. :P


I'm abstaining from guessing.

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