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another weekend away

This weekend was Scott's 20th high school reunion up in the ROC. Yes, he is old.*

For all practical purposes, what that meant was that The Diva spent almost the entire weekend with G'ma Char and The Boy hung out with Grandpa D. at night while Scott and I flitted from place to place. Scott seems to have enjoyed the weekend's events but did mention that the whole thing was "surreal." 

The Diva and Char went to the Walnut Hill Horse and Carriage show, which I have no pictures of but imagine they'd look a lot like ljc's.

We puttered around with the Boy on Saturday morning and wound up in a local dining establishment that we'd been trying to get to for well over a year.





It was really dang good. Not Texas Rib Kings good (what is, really), but very very good.

At breakfast with all of the grands on Sunday, the Boy amused himself with my camera because that seems to be the one thing that keeps him busy during longer waits.



This was taken shortly after he kept putting the camera's flash up against his eye, then pushing the button. No, we don't know what goes on in there, either.

A relatively uneventful drive was capped off by about 30 minutes worth of meltdowns by pretty much every human in the house once we got back home. All in all, a good trip. But I am looking forward to not packing up the van for a few days.

 * I will now point out that this year also marks my 20th h.s. reunion -- but it's not until November so I can be Ms Smuggie-McSmuggerson for a few months.


Your boy cracks me up.

Regardless of when our respective reunions are, you're still older. XXOO

He cracks us up, too, which keeps him alive sometimes.

And the Featureless Saint (aka my husband) can just zip it. *mwah*

This November is my 25th high school reunion, so FU both! ;)

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