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Because I still have no brain, I took myself to see Julie and Julia. The short review: it's cute and worth the price of admission for the onion chopping scene alone. Because who hasn't been there.

That's not what I wanted to tell you, tho. What I wanted to tell you was this --

As the credits were rolling, the woman behind me turned to her friend, who was maybe in her mid-40s. She said to her friend,  "Wasn't that lovely? There was no violence!" And the friend said, "Why did they have to put in all of the sex." 

No, she wasn't kidding. 

Which really makes me wonder what movie she saw. You never see any of the actors naughty bits. There is one brief scene with Amy Adams in her very chaste underwear. There are allusions that, yes, sex might have occurred but nothing graphic at all. I mean. I mean...Is the idea that married people have sex every now and again that abhorrent? 

Which just goes to show you that some people just look for things to piss them off.


One of the many things that came out of WorldCon conversations is that I'll be posting weekly (I hope) dispatches on the Locus blog about SF/F-related stuff. And, look, my first post is live. It's about cats and wings and cliches.

But there is no sex, not even implied. So you'll have to get upset about something else.


ROFL! Guess they would have hated The Ugly Truth, which I saw this weekend and LOVED.

I think it was more the fact that they were "old people" having sex that shocked. We're so used to seeing nubile young actresses dropping trow on the big screen - not, gasp, real, middle-aged women.

Maybe they were upset by the bathtub scene? (which I thought was kinda cute, though I had trouble getting over thinking of Stanley Tucci as Meryl's gay art director, having just rented The Devil Wears Prada a few nights previously)

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