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I'm hot and cold on Martha Stewart's' recipes. Sometimes they work for me; most of the time they don't. But the Apple Honey Challah on the back page of this month's Living made me want to lick the picture right off of the page.*

So, this weekend, I made one.

Before the oven:


Post oven:



And it was good. There are few things more satisfying than a successfully made bread.

I also finished a mitten, which I pinned and blocked.


Given that I have two hands, I'll be making another one. I'll take a better picture when I have a pair. This one doesn't really do the mitten justice.

And, yes, I can get a lot done when there is only one kid in the house. The Diva is still up with her grandparents. I miss her -- but am unburying from the backlog.

No time for further digging today, however. Most of my Monday will be spent teaching and driving back and forth to Delhi, where a certain little "dog" is having two things removed.


Ignorance is bliss, eh?


* I'd post a link to the recipe but there doesn't seem to be one. Feh.


You do such lovely, detailed knitting. I've yet to do any knitting with a diagram or anything intricate. I've barely ever even cabled. *sigh*

My husband LOVES pictures of your kitty -- do me a favor and keep posting those, will you? :) Nice mittens, too -- love the bright colors.

Pretty bread. Very cute unsuspecting kitty.

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