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And so I am home again. And very, very sleepy - not because I partied like a rock star but because the guest who had the room above mine showered at 6 a.m. each morning and the plumbing was very loud. I am, indeed, a delicate flower.

Busy weekend. Much to tell. But not yet. 

Two things, tho: 

I need to remember for the next solo trip I take to a city I do not know that it is imperative to both buy a map and *look* at the damn thing before driving in. Only doing the first part of that process is foolish and leads to one being incredibly surprised by where one ends up, especially when the signs are mostly in French.

There are few people that I would squee over. I shook the hand of Neil Gaiman this weekend and it was all I could do to not fall over dead. His hair, btw, is remarkable. 


Thing one: Or spring for GPS on the rental?

I drove to Montreal in my very own car (or, more accurately, minivan, because I am that kind of woman who is secure enough in her momness to admit to driving a minivan.) No GPS for me. All I really need to do next time is figure out where the large bodies of water are so that they don't surprise me and I know which ones I should not cross. As a P'burgher yourself, you know what I'm talking about.

Oh -- and Plattsburgh NY also uses a terminal "h," just like the gods intended.

Congrats on touching Gaiman! That's very cool.

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