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This morning, I dropped the Diva off for her first ever sleepaway camp. She should enjoy 40+ hours of nothing but horses -- and we are fully prepared to pick her up in the small hours should she not be able to sleep at said sleepaway camp and to return her on Tuesday morning so that the fun can continue. 

I think I'm more anxious about the whole thing than she is, frankly. Her response was straightforward when I asked how she felt about spending the night. "It'll be just like sleeping at grandma's house, since [the woman who runs the camp] is also a grandma and I'll be at her house."

More updates if they are warranted.

Other than that, we're in the mad scramble to go back to work. The Diva's school doesn't start until the Wednesday after Labor Day; however, Scott and I are back in the groove starting today. Should be an interesting two weeks when it comes to childcare and general child amusement. We're shipping her up to the aforementioned grandma for a bit, so that makes it a little easier, if weird to only have one kid to deal with.

I'd be closer to done on my many projects if Trout didn't insist on managing my workflow:


His new favorite spot is either on the pile of notes on the left side of my computer or on the mousepad on the right side. I could stand a little less help and/or a smaller cat.


What a great perspective from her about her overnight...I'd like to borrow that frame of reference whenever we get there.
At the moment, I have a similar scene of cat on piles of paperwork, but mine is much higher and Pisa-like with her atop. It's her new "safe" place with the puppies underfoot.

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