eyes closing
anticipation, a first attempt

many things make a post

* Two great tastes that go great together: Garrison Keillor and state fairs.

* How traveling with kids is like being back inside a child's thought processes, in a good way.

* What kind of racist are you? (Stolen from Scalzi)

* How to make an origami koi. Worth watching for the animation alone.

* Space is just cool.

* One good use for a watermelon.

* Two from Ms Anj: Food grows in unexpected places like Detroit and truck beds.

* Whedonisms in cross stitch. I might have to whip up a design for my favorite Whedonverse quote. Anyone wanna guess what it is?

* It's entirely likely that I'm the last person on the internets to see this Weird Al tribute to Charles Nelson Reilly. 

* This piece about cover design and killing your darlings is especially interesting to me right now, as the cover for Sweater Quest is being wrangled. One day, I'd like to have enough clout to dictate the layout and art. Or maybe I don't, seeing what a fraught, hazard-filled process it is.

Bonus cute kid story, provided mostly for the grandparents:

During a call to the kids while I was away I asked The Boy if he was being good for Daddy. His response, "not really." 

You have to admire his honesty.


Do you think it's sad that I don't get Garrison Keillor?

Sad? No. UnAmerica? Yes.

I kid. I run hot and cold on Keillor as well. I like this piece, tho.

Have you ever read any Chipp Kidd? He designs alot of provocative covers for books. He has a whole book about them and also 2 works of fiction he has written. I love his work both fictional and grahic :)

Love Chip Kidd's graphic design work. Haven't read any of his fiction, tho. Is it any good?


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