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The Diva and camp update: she made it until 10 p.m. last night, then Scott had to fetch her. Which is a pretty good run, frankly. Plus she was rarin' to go back this morning. I'm calling it a qualified success.

Now, many things:

* 15 rules to live by.

* Annie Leibovitz still behaves like an addict.

* I was wondering about this very question when I was driving through the Adirondacks a few weeks ago.

* Bertha Cool: the forerunner for V.I. and Britt?

* On Sept. 8, The Diva will go back to school, which means that I will be forced to pack lunches. While these Gluten-free tips are helpful, they don't solve the larger problem of dealing with a child who has Celiac and is extraordinarily picky. *sigh* In just a few short years, she can start packing her own lunch, right?

* "That's right. People made of pipes."

* Local donates cow to Roxbury school. This is a good thing. If I had a cow, I'd donate it to the Diva's school.

* If I cared about my hair enough to dye it (actually, I care a great deal but lack the will to maintain a dye job), I'd use this evaluation of off-the-shelf kits as a starting point. 

* Just think of all of the naughtiness you could stage with a Jack Harkness and an Ianto. According to the packaging, they are both "highly detailed."

* Julie Powell on the way her cat was portrayed in Julie and Julia.

* I haven't made it all the way through this myself but it is a great (if depressing) read: Matt Taibbi on the Great American Bubble Machine aka Goldman Sachs.

* Last thing, since this list is growing out of control: He can't be all four.


w/r/t school lunches: i was commanded to start making my own lunches when i was 7, and no one called child services or anything. just a data point.

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