another weekend away
Barney Frank: dining room table insulter

many things make a post

* You, too, can sleep in the World's Largest Beagle. Also, hotels with a sense of place (and I'm thrilled to see the Roxbury make the cut.)

* Even sheep have lousy days.

* Words to live by.

* Thank you Captain Obvious.

* I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to knitting socks but these (sottopassaggio from Twist Collective) are making me itchy to try something more challenging. I even have the perfect yarn in the stash. Must. resist.

* Kali Meister's piece on being obese and auditioning for The Biggest Loser is amazing and brave.

* Further proof that it is all about the spaces in between.

* Susan Cheever answers the "How Could She?" question in Salon.

* Further proof that The Backyardigans is one of the best kids' shows ever. The Pie Samurai is one of my particular faves.

* The next time I take a batch of books to Popeks, I'll need to stick some stuff between the pages for Mike to find.


I absolutely LOVE The Backyardigans!

Many responses make a comment:

Samurai Pie is also a fav at our house. When R performs a number of the songs/moves a capella, we just sit back and enjoy (and more often join in as I think we've memorized the entire episode.)

Kali was in one of my senior seminars a number of years ago, and her papers were invariably the most interesting and moving.

Thanks for the Webb Wilder memories--he played a lot at Vandyland over 20 years ago.

Thanks for sharing the Lee post.

That is all...

Thanks for all of this!

I almost left a copy of a Tsarist Russia piece of paper money in a Kurt Vonnegut book I was returning. I wish I had left it (after all, it's not like I could use it or anything). I'll leave a gift next time. Anyone reading Vonnegut deserves a bonus.

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