qotd, so very true
hard against a few deadlines


*hug* I've had a few of the "Oh my God, (s)he was right here beside me in the store, and now (s)he isn't coming when I'm calling and is probably already locked in some pycho's trunk in the parking lot" moments. But I imagine those pale beside the truck in the street. Gonna go hug my kids now.

Maybe because I waited until 41 to be a mom, or maybe because it took so long to conceive her, or maybe because I've read too much of the wrong (or right) things, but I actively work to cherish today/now moments with my child *because* she ight be gone tomorrow. While losing her would crush me in ways I really cannot grasp, I remind myself that every second I have her is precious and that if she was to be gone tomorrow, I was/am incredibly lucky to have known/loved her and shared her for heowever long witht he world.

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