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Since this particular eagle has landed, it's tale can now be told. The sekrit project was a moderne baby blanket from M-D's first book.

Here it is, blocking in my bathtub:


And reclining over the stair rail:


And showing off its wrong side on the window seat:


The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino -- did I mention that this is a gift for one of my best friends who is having her first baby and that I was willing to spare no expense because she's also a knitter? -- The pattern you know. I did it mostly as written, except for an added stripe of a different purple when I ran out of the purple it should have been. 

It's a charmingly lovely pattern and all that garter stitch was exactly what I needed during the early part of the summer. Picking up stitches for the next block provides enough interest to keep you going, even though those last few rectangles, which are huge, can be a bit of a drag. I have no idea how the Harlot got through a grown-up sized moderne. My needles salute her.

And now we -- and by "we," I mean "I" -- enter that waiting-for-the-baby phase. Sadly, T-wa, the mom-to-be, is in Pittsburgh and I am not. Still, there are planes and I will get there to offer support and snuggles in addition to hand-knits. 


The blanket is beautiful. I love the non-baby colors which will make this a nice lap blanket when the baby isn't so much a baby anymore! I saw the Harlot's and was considering the project, but I am still a novice and afraid about picking-up stitches. I can garter with the best of them, but the picking-up intimidates me.

Good work!

That's awesome, Adrienne! Lucky baby, lucky mama.

It's gorgeous! You are so talented.

Thanks for the blankie love. If you can garter stitch, you can totally make one of these. Picking up stitches is tricky the first time or two but zips along once you get the hang.

And, no, not really talent, just a love for repetition.

*Blushes* It's even more scrumptious in person, being so wonderfully SOFT. And in a mere 7 weeks -- give or take -- our little one will be wrapped in it.

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