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actual knitting content: mitten fail

It's never a good sign when you start a project 4 times because you can't get gauge. It's even worse when you can't block the colorwork into something that doesn't look all weird.* It should look like this.


The realization that you have made a serious error and knitted two right hand mittens that are fugly, however, is priceless.


These bad boys have been stuffed in the closet of knitterly shame so that they can have a good long think about what they have done, because I am just over them.

In the success department, I did finish my Socks that Rock "Korppi" socks, which I mostly worked on during the kids' swimming lessons this year. 


Nope, not sexy at all. But are functional and, you know, socks.

The color is kinda cool, tho. Not black-black but a black mixed with greens and purples.


Oh - and this is just too good to wait for a "many things" post:  Picture of the week.


* I blame this on the yarn. Superwash sock yarn seems like to slippery a choice for colorwork. Also, the blue would have worked better if it were a more solid blue. In my opinion, natch.


You just need to find two one armed men. Does that make you Tommy Lee Jones?

Personally I like them. but then I would wear them anyway.. one upside right and one upside down.

The professionalism and clean lines of the socks appeal to me. My one and only attempt at turning heels (so far) was lumpy enough that I was glad the results were soon disguised by felting. *grin*

I like the colors used in the mittens though. You should have someone else knit two left mittens in reverse color combination, and swap.

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