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actual knitting content: scarf FTW

Sometimes, you just need a project that is quick and easy:


Noro Striped Scarf a la Jared Flood. I only used two skeins of Silk Garden (color #258 and #270), which makes for a shortish but usable scarf. I *heart* the colors, tho, and will probably make another one eventually because it is easy and satisfying. 

And, for your enjoyment, McGregor, who we seem to just be calling Greg:


You woke me up to take a picture of a scarf?


I bat my paw at you. Eh.

And, yes, I appear to be turing into one of those people who anthropomorphizes her cat. Send help.


I likes McGregor:)

We likes him, too, mostly. He has his moments.

The scarf is lovely! I've yet to use any Noro, though I'm pining for it. Any suggestions for an online source?

I LOVE this scarf!! I am hoping to make one for my husband for x-mas. The only issue is that I am a new knitter and can't figure out the secret to the striping. I've read countless blogs and everyone remarks about how much of a no-brainer this one is to make. When changing colors do you just cut the yarn and weave in the ends or is there some ancient knitters secret to keeping both skeins going at the same time? Any tips? Thanks for the inspiration!

Actually, with Noro, you don't have to worry about changing colors. It will stripe itself. If you slip the first stitch of each row, the edge where you swap balls of yarn, which is every other row, will have a neat appearance without needing to cut and weave ends.

Thanks for the feedback, I just cast on last night!

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