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fall and phlegm.

Around these parts, we celebrate Labor Day by laboring, because, despite the fact that the SUCO faculty is unionized, we still have classes. We do have a lovely protest luncheon, however. So there's that.

Before I scurry off -- we just got back from a trip to the Poconos*, which was lovely, and the Diva goes back to school tomorrow. Plus I either picked up a bug last week or am allergic to every stupid plant on the eastern seaboard right now. The amount of crap in my head is amazing. 

I'll stop here before I overshare.

So while I run around like a chicken sans head, go look at this knitterly link from Lands End.

* More later, which might include the stupidity of grown people who ought to know better staying up until an unholy hour to finish a game of Munchkin. Which was great fun -- but the next day was extraordinarily bleary. We are old.


hi adrienne, check out themothertongue.wordpress.com very fun, kinda reminds me of you. see you wed. also thanks for the landsend link.

Glad you enjoyed Munchkin! Hope you got some sleep on the way home. Let's do it again sometime, but without the wee hours of the morning misjudgment.

Ohhh No!... It's Kali-iieeeeeee!

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