qotd, watch the world die edition
there are no squirrels on squirrel island

many things make a post

Sorry about the blog silence yesterday. We went to a wedding in Maine -- more on that later -- and spent yesterday in the car. Re-entry has been tricky. As Scott pointed out, the Diva's morning was very much like the scene in The Breakfast Club where Bender's mouth earns him about a year's worth of Saturday detentions. Big fun.

This is the last road trip for the foreseeable future, however. Which is good, because we could all stand to get back into the routine around here.

And so, links:

* In this time of great upheaval, it is reassuring to know that the Bruce Campbell Watch exists.

* Yet another reason that the Canadians have the right idea when it comes to TV programing. The first example, of course, is this one.

* How do I get Nathan Fillion to stop by my office?

* I'm glad that Banks agrees with my personal assessment of his Dead Air. Still, I'm excited that he'll be writing more, even if the circumstances forcing it are less than ideal.

* Half of me thinks that bento-box packers have waaaaay too much time on their hands; the other half of me is really jealous that no one makes me bento boxes.

* Tim's back! Actually, he appears to have been back for a while and I just now noticed. Oooops.

* One of the things I miss most about Austin -- some of the other things are Thundercloud subs and the 183-MoPac flyovers -- is going to the Harry Ransom Center. And now Brenner makes me want to go even more. Curse you, Brenner.

* Mike Gibson has long been one of my favorite reporters. And his piece about alternative healing modalities makes me happy. It's great writing, of course, but it also assures me that Mike is doing OK, which has not always been a given.

* I've been looking for a way to improve my own handwriting. Now I have a plan. Anyone else want to join me in a quest for better penmanship?

* Is it too soon for the Titanic and Iceberg ice cube tray? (Stolen from Making Light)

* One of the best things about living with an infant is that you can put silly things on their heads and they can't do a darn thing about it. 


We learned italic handwriting in school. Back then I thought it was craziness. Now I realize it was probably genius. My handwriting is no great shakes, but I do have some of those skillz to fall back on.

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