shameless self-promotion, 318 in a series
shameless self-promotion, 319 in a series

many things make a post

* 20 Neil Gaiman facts.

* Adam and Jamie on the pleasure of using your head for something other than a hatrack.

* Quite possibly the best book trailer ever.

* One of the best pieces on the pressures women face, written through the filter of tennis.

* I wish I could go to this. Austin, you are breaking my heart.

* How young they looked! Even the Wookie looks like he's 12.

* I think I might have to go back to Maine just to eat in Portland. Who knew?

* Retiring Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith** offers great advice for wannabe editors, which could also apply to creative types in general. Like this tidbit: "Quality control is what separates us from the apes."

* Scott's big moneymaking scheme when we lived in Austin was to volunteer himself for Pharmaco studies. Our finances never got that dire, fortunately. Now that I've read this story, I'm really, really glad they didn't.

* Turns out that the Opt-out Revolution only lasted six years. Also, the Babble essays are hitting it out of the park this week. Witness this one from Meagan Francis.

* Yet another exhibition I want to see next time I'm in NYC. Madeleine Albright's jewelry was part of her "diplomatic arsenal."


** I once pitched a couple of stories to Smith back in the late '90s. I was far too young and far too green to even deserve Smith's time but he was kind enough to humor me. I'm thrilled to see that Pamela Colloff -- the staff writer who helped arrange our meeting -- is still writing her fingers off for the magazine.


I did, I did! I knew all about Portland's food. I find Port to be very progressive all around. Love visiting there.

Gotta love the Neil Gaiman! He's even better in audio...

I got to hear Gaiman read two of his short stories in Montreal. Yum. I don't always love the way his words read on paper -- but they almost always work better when he reads them aloud.

PL - when were you in Portland?

The last time I was there was August 2008. Laura Stevens has lived there for about a decade so I try to get up there at least once every couple of years. More oft if I can afford it.

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