how I spent Tuesday

many things make a post

Short list today. Not sure why but have chosen to blame all of the phlegm in my head. Stupid plants and their blooms.

* Have I mentioned that I've always loved the Dick Van Dyke show? Let me mention it now: I love the Dick Van Dyke show. It is my televisiony comfort food, not so sweet, not too bitter, still filling and just right. I spent most of my childhood watching reruns on Pgh's Channel 53 and, as a kid, I found it nearly impossible to wrap my head around this episode. Now it's one of my favorites. Bring me your walnuts!

* I am pondering moving to Scrivener. Anyone have any thoughts?

* In honor of the U.S. Open, Ten Questions with my Andy.

* That crazy F-word.

* Food allergies for fun and profit.

* Bowling for gnomes.


Ooh ooh. Scrivener! Yes. I bought it a while ago to use when compiling anthologies and it is the business. If you're a Mac person, then I figure it's the best. I've not used it for novel writing, cos I don't do that, but my friends who do swear by it.

Re: Allergies; your Uncle Fran has taken the position that he will not be afraid of things that he cannot see. We have become a nation of wimps, afraid of all of the wrong things.

I don't like Scrivener at ALL for composing in (except for screenplays, in which case it rocks the house), but it is the absolute best for organization. I love the notecard/bulletin board system you can use (and you can make the notecards different colors! And move them around at will!). I rely on it so much that when my novel is open, so is Scrivener.

Re: Organization
Regarding organizing notes I actually prefer Circus Ponies Notebook -- I just love the outline function and the nice metaphor:

When it comes to actually writing, I think both program work beautifully in combination, especially for academic writing:

And for the writing part -- yes, Scrivener rocks :-)

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