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things I have never before experienced

many things make a post

* I don't have a problem with cover designers relying so heavily on stock art; I just wish it weren't the same images all the time.

* Bakerella does it again: Cowgirl (or -boy) Cookies.

* The Tennessee Sampler Survey. (oh, and, Nerak, want one of these for Christmas?)

* I will be going to see this.

* One Lucky Mother comes up with a great list of tips for folks expecting newborns.

* And for those with older kids .... the hazards of manipulating the system so that it only benefits your kid.

* Oh noes! The brown people might get white people's stuff!

* Stolen from Lisa: 15 patents for things you didn't know you needed, a couple of which have to do with urinals, because peeing is boring.

* My favorite editorial cartoon this week:



Awesome cartoon. I feel like I can exhale again.

I often hear about the flip side of the manipulating the system for your kid's needs. Principals, in the quest to never piss off the parents, are constantly changing the rules without asking the teacher first. I shudder at this.

Thank you for providing the Lookalikes link. I am home sick and this will entertain me for a while. Especially since I have complained about seeing the image from Memory Keeper's Daughter on other novels too many times.

I confess that before the school year started last year, I made a classroom assignment request of the principal. About a month before I knew the classrooms would be assigned, I emailed the principal and requested that Matthew not have a certain teacher. Emily had had her and the teacher and I had disagreed quite blatantly on a number of things (not the least of which was her marking wrong Emily's correct grammar more than once in spelling word sentences). I had more than one discussion with the principal about this when it happened, but by the time Matthew moved up to that grade, we'd gotten a new principal, who wouldn't have known of my history with this teacher. I requested Matthew not have her, partly because I didn't care for her, but also partly because I didn't want her to take any possible issues with me out on Matthew. He wasn't assigned to her, but I don't know if my email had anything to do with it, or not.

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