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One reaches a certain age where one starts to believe that one has seen (either in person or in a nature documentary)  just about every rock formation that can exist. One would be wrong.

This weekend, we made a side trip to Boulder Field in Hickory Run Park.


(Diva provided for scale)


Imagine a lakebed filled with rocks. That will get you close. 


A wee tree, just barely big enough to provide shade for the Boy.


I'm still astounded that hikers are encouraged to walk out on the rocks, simply because they are a broken ankle just waiting to happen. The National Parks' Services' nonchalance about overly litigious visitors surprises me just as much as 13 acres of rocks does. Which makes me a little sad.

There was also time by a small lake, which looked like just about every small mountain lake you've seen. Fun, mind, but I'll spare you the pictures.

Except for this one:


There are a dozen shots of Cory's shadow (taken by Cory) on my memory card. It's his new thing.


There was a famous photogapher who made living making images that included his shadow. Needless to say I can't remember his name. But, could find it if you are curious.

Once again, the boy delights:)

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