shameless self-promotion, 321 in a series
many things make a post

and so, Rhinebeck

Another Rhinebeck has passed. Still fun, mind, but I noticed a distinct lack of singing/rapping restroom attendants. Maybe I just picked the wrong stalls?


Got to see quite a few folk who I only run into once per year but who I blogstalk on a regular basis. I didn't spend much this year. I have enough yarn right now and don't need to acquire mass quantities. I did, however, buy Clara's new book and some Heal My Hands, which is fabulous. As is Clara's new book, natch.

I did have to buy just a *little* yarn, mind. 


Some Still River Mill pure cashmere, which I think will become a Smoke Ring of some sort, possibly with beads.


And some Mediumweight Socks that Rock in Froggin', which McGregor has adopted as his own.


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