he's being stealthy
the 'ween that was

qotd, money, honey.

"...if I have learned anything about money in my thirty-seven years of living, it is to ignore it. It just scares you. It's like, what if you had to add up all the meals you would need to eat to keep yourself alive for the next forty years? What if you had to sit and calculate all those sandwiches and potatoes and all those pounds of broccoli an all the trips to the store to buy all that stuff and all the time it would take to cook it? Well, you'd be too exhausted to eat. You'd be too worried about how in the world you were going to accumulate nineteen thousands pounds of chicken.

Same way with worry, in general. You take it one meal at a time, and you put your faith in digestion."

-- Jeanne Marie Laskas, Fifty Acres and a Poodle


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