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Wolk on this season's Amazing Race power couple Lance and Keri:

Let's meet this year's Massholes, shall we? It's Lance, the full-contact ''street'' lawyer whose wife, Keri, verifies that he is ''smaaaaaaaaaaht.'' Tiffany struggled to find the right word to describe Lance: ''I don't want to use the word 'meathead' in the wrong sense, but we can not picture Lance in a courtroom.'' Not to worry, Tiffany, your word choice is spot-on! (We also would have accepted ''loudmouth'' or ''boob.'') Lance is aggressive and bossy, and really self-confident. When he landed on both mats, he yelled, ''That's right!'' to Phil, as if his very presence at the finish line was akin to him winning an Olympic medal. Lance is also not one for introspection. He's on the Race to win, he said, not to find himself, ''Because hey,'' he said, flexing his muscle, ''I'm right here.'' Oh, sure, it's easy to find yourself when you label yourself with a bandana tied around your bicep in the same way that you mark your suitcase so you can find it in the baggage carousel. I'd hate to see how Lance marks his ass so he can find the difference between it and a hole in the ground.


The perfect job for Lance would be as the poster boy in a tourism campaign for other New England states.

True enough. Remember - he's a lion and the rest of the racers are gazelles.

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