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Some days, I rethink the whole concept of being a responsible adult and getting out of bed in the morning. This, almost needles to say, is one of them.

Miss Thing made it until 9 a.m. at school before the nurse called to have me come get her. Maddy doesn't appear to be deathly ill -- although the fact that I have been upstairs and undisturbed for the last two hours is troubling -- but everyone is understandably twitchy. Especially since a local school is closed today because everyone is ill. 

The call came just as I walked in the door from dropping Scott off at work because the van is in for routine maintenance. They called him shortly after I got home with Maddy to let him know that it also needs about $1200 worth of work. 

The call that followed that one was Scott again, letting me know that the folks who installed the pellet stove, which was here before we moved in, didn't allow enough clearance around the windows, which means our home owners insurance won't cover the place until that defect is removed. Which means either ditching the pellet stove entirely, which would suck because I have grown to love it, or moving it elsewhere at a not insignificant cost. 

Provided the afternoon remains quiet -- what are the odds, really? -- I plan to spend it with the page proofs that I have got to get back to my editor toot sweet and the tests that I have got to get graded equally toot sweet. 


In the good news dept., now that I'm at the proof stage, I'm actually enjoying reading bits of Quest. Since I'm always my own worst critic, this is a good thing. Also, I finished the M fairy for Maddy's room. Now to get it framed...

So how's your Thursday looking? Any better than mine?


How long have you been in the house? Do you have some sort of buyers insurance that will foist the cost onto the seller? I'm totally vague on this kind of thing, but it beats the heck out of not insignificant costs.

My Thursday is no better. I'm untethered. I just don't know what to do with myself. Blurgh.

I am counting today as a good one, because it has involved no interactions with other creatures' bodily fluids. It's the small victories.

I've been having a similar 2 days. Altho mine isn't costing me money.. it is just costing me my sanity.

I believe that my job is giving me an ulcer. That's how my day (or week or month) is.

Sanity is overrated.

So far, so good today. Of course, now that I've typed that, all hell will break loose.

Sorry you're untethered, Anna. Maybe more cross stitch?

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