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the 'ween that was

And, so, on Saturday, a Red Riding Hood and a wee bee wandered through the neighborhood begging for candy.


The rain made it more of a damp trial than one might hope. But the kids had fun, which is the important part. Oh - and this might be the last year for the bee costume, which Maddy wore when she was a toddler. As Scott pointed out - the bee hat has now become a bee yarmulka on the Boy's head. 

One of the benefits to a spouse who works in a theater is the prop room. This year, he borrowed some gravestones that had been handcrafted by undergrads for some purpose I am no longer clear on. So we did the front porch up right scary.



Cory, of course, borrowed my camera.



Oh - and I offer these two images as proof that McGregor is fitting right in.


Those orange things are his feet. And please ignore the blankie and the thumb. She might give them up in college. I am Letting This Go.


In the "it's always something" department, the muffler fell off of the car as I was driving it to work this morning. Yes, I did circle back around to get it out of the road. No, I don't think it can simply be re-attached since it is full of rust. We are now reaching the point with this car where we are doing the cost of fixing something every few months v. cost of a new-to-us vehicle. Woo.


My sister had a blanket for a really long time. I think technically she still does, though she has stopped carrying it everywhere. ;)

So lucky to have a cat that likes to cuddle:)

Emily still "needs" her Bun-Bun pretty much all the time. Takes him on Girl Scout campouts and everything.

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