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I have no unifying theme today. It'll be that kind of week. Worry not about the standard Tuesday random things post. It'll be there. 

* On the tea search - first, thanks! for all of the suggestions. I knew you all would have thoughts that were better than my own. A few days ago I went down to a local gift shop (one that I keep swearing off of because the proprietress either glares at me or treats me like her best friend, which I find deeply unnerving (consistency is all I ask)) and purchased single packets of all of the teas. I'm smitten with Mighty Leaf's Vanilla Bean, so much so that I'll go back and buy more. I still have quite a few to go through. More updates if warranted.

* On the soliciting advice note -- we'll be in the ROC visiting Scott's family at some point over the break. Any restaurants, etc., that we shouldn't miss? We'll be staying in Webster but can drive just about anywhere. It's not a huge city.

* Miss Thing has a new hobby.


She won't brush her hair but has fabulous nails. She's a puzzle, that one.

(Oh - and it looks like Scalzi got his nails done this weekend, too.)

* Barney the cat is so cold that he's turned trampy. 


Barney and Trout.


Barney and McGregor. I think I might have interrupted something.

What I can't get a picture of is Barney and me, if only because he lounges across my computer keyboard in such a way that I can't get my hands free to use a camera. 

* Clownfish.


Family stuff to do in Rachacha: High Falls area is fun. Eat at the Triphammer Grill (okay food, great views of the river gorge). After lunch, walk across the Pont de Rennes bridge above the Genesee River. Then there's the Strong Museum. The best kid museum. Seriously. Parents love it as well.
Grownup stuff: Tapas 177. Great food, lovely atmosphere in the St. Paul neighborhood.
Oh yeah, Dinosaur Barb-B- Que is damn good. I't's OK to take the kids, but more fun without. It's a fun place to linger...good music (if you like the blues) Wear loose fitting clothes! Google Urbanspoon Rochester for more info
Chris in NY

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