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* I wonder if Betz White would adopt me. Barring that, I wonder if she'd let me live with her long enough to figure out how she keeps coming up with such great stuff, like this ornament.

* Provincetown (and, admittedly, Truro)  is one of my favorite places ever. Here's what it looks like from a British POV.

* A nice, succinct and informative overview of Celiac Disease. And just from an outsiders perspective - about four weeks after we got the Diva on a gluten-free diet, she became a different (more energetic and less grouchy) kid. We were lucky to come by her diagnosis so quickly and so glad that the treatment was so simple.

* The Cookie Table: yet another city-wide tradition that makes me proud to be from Pittsburgh. (No, we didn't have one when we got married, mostly because we didn't have the ceremony in the 'burgh. I'm a little bitter, frankly. About the lack of cookies, not the wedding itself.)

* Cheese creche! (via Purlewe.)

* The Supertaster takes on the Mint Kisses, which are like little chocolatey crack in this house.

* It is taking every ounce of willpower I have to not sign up for satsuma press's monthly mailbox club.

* Michelle Slatalla makes it very clear to me that I should never get a fancy sewing machine. 

* Two great but very different pieces from the New Yorker: Hertzberg on Obama's Afghanistan strategy and Jhumpa Lahiri on her father's rice.

* If I ever had to find a new job, I'd apply to be an L.L. Bean picker. I'm really not kidding. Exercise and anal-retentive tidiness. What could be better?


I took a class from Ms. betz white. She is awesome awesomeness. Of course, I didn't have any time to make any of the projects...yet.

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