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qotd, a bright spot in a dim book

"She was so far in the red as regards good parenting credits that she had no idea where the high moral ground was. Even if she could occasionally glimpse it as a myopic hiker glimpses a mist-sodden hill at night, she had no idea who currently occupied it or how to scale its slopes, should she accidentally bump into them"

-- Eoin Colfer, And Another Thing

Also, a small random thing that you might want to try this weekend. I won't be, mind, because it seems a little too tedious even for me, but would love it if you tried it then invited me over.


One of my sister's closest friends does this:

the gingerbread cocoa garnish is adorable!

Isn't it? It's almost too pretty to take a bite out of. Almost.

And, dang, that gingerbread of your sister's friend is amazing. I bow in her general direction.

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