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merry and happy, y'all.

qotd, why I want Ellen to come over this Christmas

"...for many years, I have provided a service I call The Happy Jew Christmas. I come over to your house on Christmas Eve, full of good cheer and no subtext whatsoever. We hang out. I will tell you my jokes, or laugh hard at yours, and you can regale me with harrowing stories about your dysfunctional family, or the plots of all your favorite old movies. We can cook an elaborate meal, or pop a huge bowl of popcorn. We can listen to slurpy Christmas carols, or old Tom Lehrer albums. If we read The Lady's Not for Burning aloud, I will even let you play Jennet Jourdemayne. It's your holiday, after all. "

-- Ellen Kushner in Paul Cornell's 12 Blogs of Christmas: Day 6.


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