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Snow day yesterday, which made getting to the blog difficult because the Diva was home. Given that her newest trick is to make like a ninja, sneak up behind me and startle the stuffing out of me*, I'm too busy glancing over my shoulder to focus on the blog when I know she's in the house.

The lack of blog worked out, tho, since I haven't really been up to anything all that noteworthy lately. While I could write about the end of the semester and all of its joys - like students who haven't been to class in weeks griping about "how they need an A" - I'll spare you. This isn't because I don't like a good rant but because I'd be violating about 9 different privacy laws, even if I name no names. So there's that. 

I did, however, contribute to the Baltimore City Paper's Top Ten Books list. I dunno if it was just a good year for SF/F or a bad year for "straight" fiction. Still, it's nice to see so many spec. fic. titles on the list. 

* I actually squeaked like a dog's squeezy toy yesterday afternoon. She found that insanely amusing. I did not.


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