merry and happy, y'all.
taking a minute to catch up

things I have learned during the last 24 hours

* The coatroom at the Strong Museum, which is a wonderful place, strongly resembles the departure site of the last chopper out of Saigon.

* The Boy tells knock-knock jokes in his sleep. I wish I were kidding.

* As much as I love being able to spend time together, I've started to dream about ten minutes all by myself. In that dream, I am sitting in the bathroom, alone, and no one is talking to me while I am there. Bliss.

* Uno's Chicago Grill has a decent GF pizza, which thrilled the Diva beyond words. It takes so little sometimes. Also, it is best that there is no Red Robin by my house. I'm not a big fan of burgers in general but the whiskey river makes my knees weak. Also, I need to stop eating, otherwise I might not fit in the van.

* The Boy can spend the better part of an hour amusing himself by rearranging the icons on my iTouch. The downside is that I can't find anything. Still -- nearly an hour!

* Next Christmas, I won't get the kids any actual gifts, just bubble wrap, boxes and  trip to a hotel with a pool and an elevator. Hours of entertainment.


We have no out of town family, so last year, we packed up the family for a visit to a local hotel with a big pool when boredom set in. Big hit. It was made even better for the kids because the hotel was on the grounds of the McDonalds' Headquarters. They got to see Hamburger U! (We were more impressed by the size of the pool, but Ronald is a kiddie celeb.)

I think if there were a hotel and a pool and Hamburger U. my kids' heads would simply explode.

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